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Monday, 30 August 2010 19:49

ammande babyVeronica sat comfortably on the sofa feeding her little 6 month old baby, Anna.  Such moments were really cosy, little Anna had a good appetite and mother and baby bonded and enjoyed the closeness of each other.
Suddenly something happened, Anne almost “disappeared”.
- It was horrible.  It was as if she was totally gone.  She just disappeared.  I lost touch with her, whilst breastfeeding her.  Anna  is our first child so we were very insecure and not sure what was normal or not.  I became very scared, says Anna´s mother, Veronica.

The following week was even worse.  The attacks were more frequent and lasted much longer.
Early one morning, when Veronica was still in bed, Anna´s father Niklas burst into the bedroom in desperation and terrified.  Anna was red, blue, stiff and unconscious.  Veronica jumped out of bed and called an ambulance.  Anna regained her consciousness moments before the ambulance arrived. 
Anna was admitted to hospital for tests but no cause was found and therefore a diagnosis was not made and Anna was discharged again.

At home the attacks continued and Anna was once again admitted to hospital.This time an EEG test was performed and the doctors suspected child epilepsy.  A number of medicines were proposed but the doctors also told the parents of the side effects the medicines may cause.  .
- I hardly remember that conversation.  The only thing I heard was the frightening side effects:  That the medicines could damage the liver, affect other internal organs and that Anna’s development could be delayed.  I felt that I wanted to leave and asked for some time to think.
It didn’t take long for the parents to agree that they did not want to subject their daughter to the danger of liver damage.
-  It was an easy decision to make.  I had long personal experience of using homeopathy in different countries where I had seen fantastic results, so we made the decision to try that instead, says Veronica convincingly.

They gave their little baby one single homeopathic pill, which they had been recommended and the attacks ceased.
- It was fantastic.  We expected further attacks, but they never came, until much later, when Anna fell and hit her head whilst climbing out of her bed.  She was then given another pill and since that day, not a single symptom has appeared. 
Anna is 8 years old now, has not suffered any attacks for a long time and has been told by the doctors that she “has grown out of the epilepsy”.  Veronica and Niklas never told anyone that they gave their daughter a homeopathic pill. Not because they didn’t want to or were afraid to, but because they didn’t want to be questioned.  Without a doubt, they are totally convinced that their daughter was helped by the pill and they are sure their decision saved Anna from possible negative side effects from taking allopathic medicine.