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Hela Barn i Sverige Network

Hela Barn is a charity independent of any political party, religious group or commercial funding and working towards allowing children below the age of 8 years access to complementary and alternative (CAM) medicine, care and treatment in Sweden.

To seek help by a CAM therapist for your children, irrespective of their age, is legal and accepted practice in our neighbouring countries Norway, Denmark and Finland as well as in the rest of Europe . To do so should be legal in Sweden too.

We know that using CAM treatment in conjunction with allopathic treatment increase the children´s chances to be healthy, therefore it is important to work towards making treatment of all children legal. The children are our future and should be allowed access to the best possible treatment, be it allopathic, complementary or alternative.

Sweden, North Korea and Cuba are the only countries in the world where it is illegal to treat children below the age of 8 years with CAM therapies.

We are actively working towards changing the Swedish law to allow children, irrespective of age, access to CAM therapies.